Cat Boarding and Bathing

The Cat House

We have three large multi-tier exercise-condusive cat condos. Each condo is capable of holding one or two cats comfortably.

The Cat House is in the ground level of our Carriage House structure. The room is heated in the winter and air-conditioned/dehumidified during the summer.

Each condo contains a large climbing tree, with cubby holes, hammocks and scratching posts. You are welcome to bring toys that your cat is familiar with.

Only cats belonging to the same owner are ever boarded together in the same run, except when related owners specifically request boarding their cats together.

Access to our facilities is controlled, and all doors are locked 24x7.

Vet and Health

The boarding facility is inspected and licensed by the Pohatcong Township Dog Warden and the Warren County Board of Health, and undergoes water quality and fire inspections. Our veterinarian monitors our health, food handling and cleaning and disinfecting practices. We have two veterinarians on call at all times.

We do not give injections. Should your cat require this type of care, a veterinary boarding facility is recommended.

Veterinary certificates are required as proof of rabies, distemper and feline leukemia vaccinations are up to date.


We provide premium dry cat food. You are welcome to provide your own dry or wet cat food, if you prefer, and especially if your cat does not handle dietary changes well. We have refrigeration for your canned and wet foods and medications, if needed.